Stress. Stress. Stress

Hey y’all! Happy Saturday! I am so excited for the end of the school year. 19 days. 19 days and I am FREE! With the end of the school year and testing seasoning comes more stress than before.

Stress is a constant in anyone’s life. No matter who you are there is something that stresses you out. I have yet to meet a stress free person, lord knows I wish I was stress free. But when it comes to stress, its all about how you handle it and what you do to make your life a little easier.

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Everyone has their own ways to relax and relieve stress but in case you need some ideas and tips, he we go.

1. Meditate

I have a channel on my Pandora that is just for meditation. I love it. I use it for meditation and yoga. It puts me in the perfect frame of mind and I am able to relax. I also use it any time I need to stretch my back out.

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It’s simple. Sit up straight with both feet on the floor. Close your eyes. Focus your attention on reciting — out loud or silently — a positive mantra such as “I feel at peace” or “I love myself.” Place one hand on your belly to sync the mantra with your breaths. Let any distracting thoughts float by like clouds, (according to WebMD).

2. Breathe Deeply

Take a moment and stop. Breath deeply for five breaths and let all the bad out. You have to be aware of you exhaling the bad. You can’t just pretend to do it. There needs to be a mind body connection. Sometimes this is difficult. You need to shut out the world around you to make this one work.

3. Be Present

Slow down. Sometimes our first defense is to run. You know, fight or flight. Most humans flee when it comes to stress. So instead of doing that, stop. Take a moment and figure out what is causing the stress and attempt to fix it. If you know the cause of your stress, the solution is easier to work on.


4. Reach Out

Admitting that you need help is hard but sometimes you gotta do it. A lot of time we have stress from not being able to talk about what is causing our stress. Reach out to one of you friends for a vent session. I know it works for me. Venting to them is safer than venting to the person that caused it in the first place.

5. Tune In to Your Body

6. Decompress

Get a massage. I know a lot of people will tell you that you don’t need a massage to relax and you don’t but it does wonders. It puts you in the right state of mind. Another way is to listen to relaxing music or sounds. Sometimes just listening to the sound of the ocean takes my stress away.

7. Laugh Out Loud

If you can’t laugh at yourself or something else it is not a good thing. Put on a comedy or head out for a fun filled night that it’s only requirement is laughter. Once you start to laugh you’ll feel lighter. stress hormone, and boosts brain chemicals called endorphins, which help your mood.

8. Crank Up the Tunes

There are days that I get in my car, crank all the windows down, blast music and just drive. No where in particular. When I used to live with my parents I would hope on this one road and head south through the farm fields. Now I live in the farm fields so the whole driving through to relax doesn’t work quite as well. Instead I’ll take a drive to Key Largo and grab lunch. There is something that happens as soon as you hit the 18 mile stretch. I don’t know what it is but my body just releases. It’s probably the salty air.

9. Get Moving

Sweat. It. Out. There are days that I am so stressed I take my happy butt to the gym and take it out on the rack. I have relieved more stress from heading to the gym and lifting weights. There is something about taking my stress and physical aggression out on a piece of equipment that I can’t do without.


10. Go To Your Happy Place

Like I said earlier, the salt water is my zen spot. The second I get near the ocean my body knows and everything that I was worrying about or feeling overwhelmed by just disappears. It’s an amazing fixer.

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I hope this helps some of you to relieve your stress. If you have any tips, let me know in the comments. Have a wonderful day and I hope your weekend is stress free.

– ♥ Lindsey



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