Writing to write

So today I sat down and realized that I had been keeping a lot in. I have spent some time recently thinking about the past and the present and have come to the conclusion that things aren’t the way I thought they would be. A lot of my anxiety, worries and grief are expelled by listening to music and how I relate to it. I have been relating to a great deal of it.

Country music has been killing it lately. I have stumbled across some amazing artists and some of my favorites have released new albums that I have fallen in love with.

Jordan Davisdownload (1)

So far he has two songs that I can find, “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot” and “Singles You Up.” Both are phenomenal but my heart sings, dances and jumps for “Singles You Up.” It is life, especially when you’re in the wrong spot. My heart did backflips when I posted something on Instagram about this song and JORDAN DAVIS HIMSELF LIKED IT! Yes, even at 33 I still fangirl HARD. Lol.

Walker Hayes


I found this gem of a man randomly but his songs speak to my soul. “You Broke Up With Me” is so damn relatable. I have had plenty of guys that have ripped my heart out and then wanted to come back. And I won’t lie I have done this to a guy before.

“Darlin’, you can’t crash my party with your sorry’s and what are we’s
Don’t start rainin’ on my Mardi Gras parade for a minute
I ain’t even fixin’ to listen to your guilt trippin’
You’re forgettin’, girl, you made your bed and didn’t want me in it (Hey!)

Whoa, girl, simmer on down a notch
Ain’t nobody makin’ you watch me get my forget you on
No, girl, can’t touch my good as gold
I know it’s difficult to see me on a roll
But hey, you broke up with me
Yeah, what can I say, babe, you broke up with me”

We ALL have done this to a guy and until I heard him sing about it I never realized the other side of the coin that guys go through. I think as women we are trained to believe that men are invincible and that they don’t get hurt by the things we do to them. It was a really big slap in the face to hear it from his point of view.

Thomas Rhett


“Unforgettable” that song. It. Is. Absolutely. Amazing. His entire new album breathes life into my soul. It just makes me so happy.

Old Dominion

Their new album is gold. I first fell in love with “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart” because my life’s motto is “nothing to lose and everything to gain.” This song is my anthem because of that.

Be With Me


The video for this song is perfection. I love how the band always tries to have a positive message for their fans about everything. The fact that the song is about being everything you can be with the underlying meaning of choose me is great.

Written in the Sand


I cry almost every time I hear this song. Every girl wonders what they are to a guy at one point or another. It is just so heartbreaking to remember those feelings and even more difficult when you’re going through it. Old Dominion definitely has my whole heart and all of my love.

I know this post was super random and every where but I needed to write and get it off my chest. Talk to you later.

♥ Lindsey


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