NEVER Buy Kylie or KKW Beauty Products

Hey y’all! Welcome to day 5 of blogmas! We’ve made it 1/5 of the way in! Lol, we’ve got a long way to go, unfortunately. Lol. Anyway, today is going to be a little bit of a rant, but please bear with me.

Today, we are going to talk about why I will NEVER buy a Kylie Cosmetics or KKW Beauty product. It goes way beyond my distaste for them and into the true core of what they represent. 

Before you want to burn me at the stake, here me out. The Kardashian/Jenner women are beautiful women in their own right. But what they simply represent and how they became famous kills me. I would be ok if they came from a rich background and earned their fame the hard fashion way but LITERALLY they are all famous for a flipping sex tape! What in the world?! How in the hell?!

Kim Kardashian literally gained her fame by who she slept and her own mother cashed in on it. It makes me shake my head so damn hard. This is one of the women that our teenage girls look up to and want to be?! What type of role model is that?! And her make up is SOOOOOO over priced for the amount of product you get its ludicrous.


And teenage girls want to be Kylie Jenner even more. Some girl that lies about having her body augmented and dating men above her age before it was legal. I don’t understand what the appeal of her is. Besides that her make up is severely overpriced. It is LITERALLY the same formula as Colour Pop but double the price.

Kat Von D said it best when she said, “I think those girls are beautiful in their own right, but I think what they represent and the message they [portray] to people is so awful… Teaching people that money, status, fame, who your’e f*cking and all that stuff is important, I think its awful. I don’t back that sh*t at all. When I look at a lot of their products and the things they put out into the world, I don’t see the quality that’s profound and speaks to my heart. I just see dollar signs.”

She is absolutely right! The fact that our children want to be just like them kills me.

Kat Von D began by saying,” selling a lifestyle, whether it’s a brand or an Instagram post, which teaches not just girls, but people, that your value is defined by what you look like is the most appalling thing that I could think of, especially as a woman. I’m not saying that everyone should embrace wrinkles like I am, but I feel like there’s beauty in that and that shouldn’t be taking away from the ideals of what beauty is.”

Von D speaks volumes of truth. We are being trained that the only way to be “beautiful” is by looking extremely young, wrinkle/line free and carved to the nine’s. Don’t get it twisted, I am guilty of wanting all of that and if I had the money, I would most likely do it. Which is a little sad to admit. Thinking about it, what is the big deal with growing old and becoming famous by working hard.

Sorry for the rant and I can’t support these two women or their family.

– ♥ Lindsey



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