Studio-On-The-Go Cool Palette

Is it Sunday already?! Where did the weekend go?! How is it that two days during the week can take FORFREAKINGEVER to go by but the weekend comes and I blink and it’s gone?!

For today, I am going to talk a little bit about the Studio-On-The-Go Cool Palette.


I got this palette in a Boxycharm a while back but never got around to writing about it. Story. Of. My. Freaking. Life.

Any way, these shadows are creamy and dreamy. They are easy to blend and the colors are amazing.

Those swatches are one swipe. I have created a ton of looks with this palette. Of course I can’t find any of the pictures. I need to start labeling which products I use in the folder or create a note within the folder with all the product names…

Number 7 in the crease for a smokey eye with number 3 all over the lid. . .to. Die. FOR!

I do wish 9 was a black and not a really cool grey but it definitely works with in the palette.

This palette retails for about $50 which to me is a little high. Studio-On-The-Go is not a well known brand. While I understand you establish where you want to land (drug store or high end) with your first product. I don’t think this product is of high enough quality to have such a hefty price tag. These are not $5 a piece shadows. May $3 but not $5. Makeup Geek is $5 a shadow and they are WORTH IT.

Don’t get it twisted, it it a good product. It is just a little overpriced for the quality is all.

Have you guys used this palette before? What looks did y’all create? Enjoy what is left of the weekend, I know I am. Talk to y’all tomorrow.

– ♥ Lindsey


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