Pushing Forward

Happy Tuesday y’all! You will be getting 3 posts today to make up for my lack of posting over the weekend. Sorry. We all know how this works; I attempt to do something, I stick to it for a week and then I lapse, apologize and start all over again. Lol. No excuses, nothing. This is me. Take it or leave it.

Funny enough, that is kinda what today’s post is about. I am not an easy person to get a long with and you either like me or hate me, for most it is the latter because I don’t sugarcoat things and I don’t play nice, at all. Don’t get my wrong, this doesn’t upset me. I have a small group of friends that have taken the time to get to know me and that is fine by me. But this post is talking about what to do when you feel like the whole world is against you.


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Rockstar Jeans for the Win!

HAPPY Saturday y’all! Unfortunately, I am stuck inside on this beautiful day at my second job. Yup, I am a teacher and I have a second job. Says a lot about my salary and what I need to do to survive. Anyway, lets not be depressing.

Today I am going to tell y’all about my FAVORITE jeans. When skinny jeans became a thing I definitely did not jump on them. I am a bigger girl and the first skinny jeans that hit the market made me look like a lollipop. They were super tight in the legs and baggy at the waist. If I went down a size they were too tight on my legs but fit my butt. It was a battle that I wasn’t going to waste my time on. So, I stuck with my boot leg cut jeans.

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New Year. . .Better Beginnings

Disclaimer: I thought this had posted in January and SURPRISE, it didn’t. So this is an old post for today but hey, it’s an update. Lol. Enjoy!

Hey y’all! Oh. My. God. It has been a HOT minute since I have actually sat down and had a chance to write. I am trying my best to stay on top of this. But it might be only once a week with the way my schedule is running. Lol. We all know at times I am a hot mess.

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It’s been awhile. . .

Hey y’all! It has really and truly been a hot minute since I have written. I am not going to make excuses because it is what it is. But I am attempting another challenge. I know I failed the blogtober one but we gotta try right? Everything to gain and nothing to lose. So here goes the Every Day May challenge. Wish me luck.

P.S. – I don’t know what happened to the original post but I fixed it to what I remember. . .

– ♥ Lindsey